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How Do You Choose Bridesmaids?

Brides Maid Questions When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids and/or your bridesman/men. There really is no hard and fast “rules” that you have to follow. After all, it is your special day. So it’s totally up to you. Who you choose and how many you have in your bridal party. That being said however there a several things to consider as you compile your list.

Ideally you should wait to start selecting your bridesmaids. Until after you have decided on the total number of guests you are planning to have at your wedding. This is because if you are planning a small wedding of only 40 guests in total for example. Having a large party of 10 or so bridesmaids will look a little funny or out-of-balance.

Also just quickly, while we are on the subject of balance. Traditionally the couple getting married would have the same number in their respective wedding parties. But today it is not uncommon for these not to match in numbers. So if you want to have a large bridal party and your spouse only wants a couple of besties that’s perfectly fine.

The Hardest Part Of Choosing Your Bridesmaids.

So, now you have a rough estimate on how many you want in your squad. Here comes perhaps the hardest thing you will have to do in your wedding planning. This is choosing who to include and who to cut from your tribe. Unfortunately, as much as we might want to include all our girls and close family. Many brides-to-be find this isn’t possible, nor is it practical. So we recommend the following criteria below as a guide to choosing your perfect bride tribe. (Note you’re going to want to get a pen and paper for this)

  1. Brainstorm and make a list of all roles you want your bridesmaid to have. Both at your wedding and also the lead up to your big day. Include events like dress fittings, your bachelorette party, hair and make up, bridal shower, any special help you might need on and before your big day. Be sure to include everything and anything else you can think of.
  2. Next you want to make a rough estimate of how much it’s going to cost. Be sure to consider both time and money it will take for some one to be your bridesmaid.
  3. Next write out a list of all the people you would have, if there were no restrictions on your bridal party numbers.
  4. Then beside each name on your list. Make notes like the length of time you two have known each other, how close your are to each other, are you related, is the person responsible and reliable, do they need to be the center of attention and always steal the spotlight, do they really have the time available to be there for you (for example do they have a young child or children or an a job that means they travel a lot) do they live close by or are they from another town.
  5. By now you should have a good idea as to what you want and expect from your bridesmaids. You should also know roughly how much it is going to cost them in time and money to be there for you. Now it is a matter of crossing off names from your list until you have a squad that can realistically afford to be your bridesmaid, want to be by your side for you on your big day and you want them there just as much also.

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In Closing.

It’s not always an easy task choosing your bridesmaids, for most of us there is a good chance you are going to hurt some one’s feelings. In the next question we will look at. How you can tell someone they won’t be a bridesmaid at your wedding and how to do it in a way that it will have a minimum effect on your relationship with that person. Also if you are looking for a heart-felt way to ask your bridesmaids our range of will you be my bridesmaid proposal cards are a very elegant and stylish way to do this.

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